Apollo Monitoring

At HBS we understand how important it is to keep you and your family warm all year round. We offer two types of tank monitoring systems, allowing you to keep track of your tank levels so you will never run out.

Home Read

The Home Read Apollo uses ultra-sonics to constantly monitor the oil or gas level in your tank and displays the level to you in the comfort of your home. One of our trained technicians will fit the transmitter to your tank and all you have to do is plug in the receiver in your home, allowing you to plan deliveries when required. It’s that simple.

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Remote Management System

The Remote Management System Apollo uses our own PC Server to manage your tank levels. The information is transmitted to a modem via a telephone line to our computer database, allowing us to do the monitoring for you. The system will automatically dial in to the HBS office and when a low level of oil or gas is detected, we will schedule the delivery to ensure you never run out. Giving you peace of mind that we will be looking after your fuel needs.

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Advantages of The Apollo Monitor

  • Anti-theft alert
  • Leak detection

All information remains exclusively on our computer system and is password and security code protected.